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Approved Testimonials

I had a great time at Hanover Day! I did well as a vendor. I thought everything was planned out perfectly and can't wait to come back next year!Quotes

Dale McCosker

Calligraphy By Dale - Vendor

Keep up the good work, well organized, great group of people, a fun day!Quotes

Rosalie Spickler

Accessories Plus - Vendor

Hanover Day is a great event for people of all ages. Fun for the whole family. They've got everything.Quotes


Paperclip Creations - Vendor 2013

We raised more money than expected for our non-profit. The whole event was wonderful!Quotes

Karen Bere

Relay For Life - Team Rose Petal 2013

S- Bank was pleased to have a booth at Hanover Days. The day was enjoyable from start to finish. The day provided us with the opportunity to talk to people about our services and products. We enjoyed giving away items and having the young people guess "how many pennies were in the jar". Thank you to all the staff at Hanover Days. See you next year!Quotes

S Bank

Vendor 2013

I was thrilled to meet Robin Mitton of the Council on Aging. We have been conversing by phone and email about Yarn's End working with the Council on Aging and we now have had the pleasure of meeting in person because of Hanover Town Day.Quotes

Alison Schirone

Yarn's End - Vendor 2013

The readers who stopped by my booth were very positive and enthusiastic people. I enjoyed interacting with them!Quotes

Adam Wasserman


Hanover Day was a wonderful, fun day filled with great people both running it and attending it. I was thrilled to be a part of it!Quotes

Jennifer Winnie


Great Crowd, great people, great fireworks, great band... We hope to come back next yearQuotes

David Ericson

Away Cafe

One person who bought crafts from me last year, came looking for me this year, and she bought more crafts. I felt pretty good about that,and so I believe this event is great venue for me to meet and build clientele.Quotes

Kerline Tofuri

Vendor 2013

One of the best events I participate in! I planned my wedding around the event.Quotes

Lisa Mindick

Shining Tiara

We had a blast! I left knowing I made many children smile!Quotes

Elaina Vrattos

Big Smile Entertainment, Big Smile/Big heARTS

Hanover Day just gets bigger and better with each year! As a crafter, Dolloff's Designs, I so much appreciate all the staff that was available to help me unload and reload. It was a fun day with lots of activities and the entertainment was awesome. Looking forward to 2013!!Quotes

Judy Dolloff

Dollof's Designs

The Hanover Open Space Committee always has great interaction with the Community handing out our trail maps and talking to interested people who want to know more about the Hanover Trails! We have a great trail system in town and lead walks throughout the year.Quotes

Hanover Open Space Committee Member

This was my first year at this show and I plan on being a regular vendor for years to come.Quotes

Dave Ford

It was a fabulous day for me, my family and my Tupperware business. Met such fun people, saw so many familiar faces, made new friends and customers and had some great sales. Thank you for having me and I'll look forward to next year's Hanover Day! ~ Deb Melkonian/TupperwareQuotes

Deb Melkonian had a fantastic day at Hanover Day last year - we truly felt embraced by the community and can't wait to return with our new and improved line of Titanium Sports Necklaces! Thank you!Quotes

Rob Mahar

Happy Vendor!

[email protected]

We look forward to having a table at Hanover Day for the third year in a row. It's a wonderful community event and we are proud to sell Hanover Apparel and help raise money and awareness for Hanover Youth Athletics. We hope to see you all again this Hanover Day!Quotes

Kathi Thomson

Board Member, Hanover Youth Athletic Association

I have done Hanover Day since the very first one and it gets bigger and better every year!!Quotes


Crafter - 2010

Congratulations on another successful Hanover Day! You should be proud of your great accomplishment. We had a ton of fun yesterday and we are already talking about next year's celebration. Thank you.Quotes


Hanover Resident - 2008

I just wanted to tell you that I thought Hanover Day was terrific. You did an outstanding job.Quotes


CIvic Group Member - 2009

Just a quick note to say that you did a phenomenal job at Hanover Day! We had a great time and I made some good contacts. Nice work!Quotes


Hanover Business Owner - 2009

The day was great weather wise and everything else. I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of Hanover Day. People who came to us had fun watching us perform and got encouraged to take a class after seeing it performed.Quotes


Hanover Business Owner - 2009